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Medical malpractice The failure or alleged failure on the part of a physician or other health care provider to exercise ordinary, reasonable, usual, or expected care, prudence, or skill–that would usually and customarily be exercised by other reputable physicians treating similar Pts–in performing a legally recognized duty, resulting in forseeable harm, injury or loss to another; negligence may be an act of omission–ie, unintentional, or commission–ie, intentional, characterized by inattention, recklessness, inadvertence, thoughtlessness, or wantonness. See Adverse event, Comparative negligence, Contributory negligence, Gross negligence, Malpractice, Wanton negligence, Willful negligence. Cf Recklessness.
Negligence, required elements  
Duty A recognized relationship between Pt and physician
Breach Failure of a medical practitioner to practice in accordance with standard of care
Proximate cause The plaintiff must show that injury is reasonably connected to physician's action
Damages Plaintiff must show that alleged loss or damage has a quantifiable value such that a monetary payment can be made APLM 1997; 121:252
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Patient discussion about damages

Q. How can I lower the damage the cumputer screen is causing my eyes? I work with a computer for long hours every day and so far my sight is still good. Usually after many hours my eyes itch though. All my friends have already ruined their eyes this way and would really like to prevent that... Do you know how?

A. When people hardly concentrate on monitors, used to blink a little. Try to use neutral eyedops. Use only TFT monitors. Another good ways has written above :)

Q. i have nerv damage in my left arm . what are the best ways to dill whith paine excelpt paine pills. not the best speller hope pepole understand. just wonderd what typs of ways you can deal with for paine whithout haveing to take meds; terry

A. here is an article i found for you-


"If you're a pain sufferer, here's some good news: Plenty of options exist to ease aches, and many of them don't come in pill form."

Q. What damage does depression do to the brain and how can you treat it? How does it affect your chemical balance, your brain? Is it critical or will be critical later in life? I just read on Yahoo News that Clinical stress could increase risk of Alzheimer's later in life. Does age matter like during teen years? I had depression and begun running. I noticed that I have a hard time focusing and absorbing information. I forgot a lot of things. All my brain seems to focus on is emotions. Can I change that? The running has made me feel a lot better afterwards

A. This is actually a good question- but I couldn’t find any research concerning long term damage from depression. It sounds unreasonable though…because there is no deprivation of oxygen or anything essential in depression. But the brain is a biological system that is under constant change – so it may be that pattern of thought changed. About the Alzheimer's- I only saw articles about depression because of Alzheimer.

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