costochondral joints

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cos·to·chon·dral joints

the cartilaginous joints between the sternal end of ribs and the lateral ends of costal cartilages.
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Antero-posterior chest compressions cause fractures at costochondral junctions.
The reported case has long narrow chest, short and horizontally oriented ribs with irregular costochondral junctions and bulbous and irregular anterior ends with post axial polydactyly in both upper extremities and right lower limb with left lower limb being normal.
Trietze's syndrome is pain at the costochondral junctions and commonly presents as mastalgia.
20,21) Often the result of repetitive physical activity, (22) movement of the chest and ribcage generally reproduces this pain, (23) and symptoms are usually elicited by pressure over one of the costochondral junctions of the sternum.
Pronounced widening of the wrists and beading of the ribs at the costochondral junctions were also confirmed by X-ray.
Skull bones can be indented by finger pressure, and there can be expansion of the costochondral junctions.