costochondral junction

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costochondral junction

The articulation or meeting place of the bony rib and its costal cartilage.
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the place of meeting or coming together.

cell junction
specialized regions of the cell surface where adjacent eukaryotic cell membranes are joined. Functionally, there are three types: tight junctions (impermeable), gap junctions (communicating) and adhering junctions (desmosomes).
corneoscleral junction
see corneoscleral junction.
costochondral junction
the joint between the bony dorsal part of a rib and the ventral cartilaginous part.
ileocecocolic junction
the T-junction between the ileum and the large intestine; in the cat the ileum and the colon merge end to end, the cecum enters from the side; in the horse the ileocecal and the cecocolic junctions are separated from each other.
mucocutaneous junction
see mucocutaneous margin.
neuromuscular junction
see neuromuscular junction.
sclerocorneal junction
see corneoscleral junction.
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A, Normal rib at costochondral junction from a near-term live birth with normal straight chondrocyte columns and blood vessels at "top.
The costochondral junction during later stages of intrauterine life and abnormal growth patterns found in association with perinatal death.
The thoracic cavity was opened by cutting through the costochondral junctions and removing the sternum and costal cartilages.
The reported case has long narrow chest, short and horizontally oriented ribs with irregular costochondral junctions and bulbous and irregular anterior ends with post axial polydactyly in both upper extremities and right lower limb with left lower limb being normal.