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Managed care Any input, both direct and indirect, required to produce an intervention See Adjusted average per capita cost, Administrative cost, Average cost, Average cost per claim, Capital cost, Consumable cost, Direct cost, Fixed cost, Health care cost, Incremental cost, Indirect cost, Intangible cost, Marginal cost, Sunk cost, Variable cost. Cf Price Lab medicine The money expended by a provider to produce goods or services.


That amount of money, time, labor, or other expense required to gain possession of something or to attain a goal.
[L. consto, to be fixed]

Patient discussion about cost

Q. How much do veneers cost?

A. Well thank you tzfanya but i was not going to go abroad. I was able to find a United States based price comparison engine that does almost the same thing. it works pretty good i just got my veneers. So for anyone else looking for average prices in the US i would recommend it.

Q. where do I find help with the cost of heart meds

A. I found a website with tips on how to reduce the costs of your heart meds:

Q. what is an ABR test? and how much does it cost?

A. ABR, or Auditory brainstem response, is a test of the hearing, from the ears to the brainstem that can be conducted without the cooperation of the patient. As such, it's useful in babies and others who can't cooperate.

It basically consists of playing sounds to the patient and recording the electrical waves of the brain. It's generally safe and painless.

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With instant access to all relevant information, the construction engineer is able to complete tasks correctly the first time, avoiding costly errors and their ripple effects across the project.
Documenting the terms of a broker's employment will greatly minimize unwanted and costly litigation.
Easing this now prohibitively costly and lengthy process of enforcing property owners' Fifth Amendment rights is the rationale for The Private Property Rights Implementation Act of 1997 (HR 1534), sponsored by Elton Gallegly, R-Oxnard, which has now passed the House and awaits action in the Senate.
SEPATON's S2100-ES2 eliminates costly media management tasks, dramatically improves data availability, and eliminates risk of tape theft, loss, or corruption due to human error.
But the vast majority of businesses have policies in place severely restricting costly overtime.
It is time for Congress to end FELA, because taxpayers and consumers are funding a costly system that inhibits the cooperation that is necessary to objectively and effectively investigate accidents.
Perhaps the subcontractor's low profit margin depends on a vey low margin of error; one costly mistake might be enough to put them out of business.
Keeping your business compliant with the multitudes of government regulations becomes a monumental and costly chore," said Ardi Batmanghelidj, president of Innovatum.
Insider trading is very costly for the buyer - too costly,'' said Jeff Wardlow, a fund manager at Loomis Sayles & Co.
an outpatient department of a participating hospital, if that alternative is less costly.
Scientists ought to be directed to conduct independent assessments of the health risks and treatment costs associated with radon, and they also should be given enough time to do a thorough and credible job before Capitol Hill adopts costly new standards.
The distributed systems were difficult and costly to manage, and presented a potential risk to data security.