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This omission is risky in costing because the costing module is designed by system analysts that aren't experienced in the implementation of a state-of-the-art foundry costing system.
Foundries with existing costing software systems must approach their situation through software modification.
But this is the approach you need, absent the availability of acuity-based costing systems.
If actual case costing information is available, each RGN weight could be multiplied by the hospital's adjustment factor and divided by the actual average cost per case for those specific cases.
Windsor's experience points up the eye-opening nature of ABCM--even for a company that already had a sophisticated costing system.
Rather, the improved costing information should be used down the road to "look at new jobs cautiously" and plan appropriate strategies for the future, he says.
To use ABC and other new costing tools effectively, it is necessary to understand how costs are incurred.
Active involvement by top-level management is the key to a profitable costing and pricing system.
GIENGER: Better product costing helps to improve information on product-line, service, and customer profitability, which enables you to make better strategic and tactical decisions.
Accordingly, a taxpayer in this situation (particularly one without product costing capabilities) probably need not consider a protective change in method of accounting.