cost-benefit analysis

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cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

a type of economic evaluation of medical care expense. It compares the expected monetary benefit derived from different health interventions with the expected cost of providing each of the interventions to determine the best or most profitable option.

cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit evaluation Clinical trials A form of economic analysis from a social perspective, in which the costs of medical care are compared with the economic benefits of the care provided, with both the costs and benefits being expressed in monetary units; the benefits evaluated include projected ↓ in future health care costs and ↑ earning as a result of the intervention of interest. Cf Cost-effectiveness analysis.

cost-benefit analysis,

n the comparative study of the service or production costs of a service or item and its value to the subject.

cost-benefit analysis

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Similarly, environmental groups came to see the promise of cost-benefit analysis.
Researchers evaluated states on their use of cost-benefit analysis using three criteria.
Although Functional Family Therapy was found to be cost effective in 1997, cost-benefit analysis allows for updated assessments as more program information becomes available.
Adler and Posner also recognize that transparency of the type promoted by cost-benefit analysis is essential for regulatory processes, because agencies may have important bureaucratic or ideological objectives other than economic efficiency.
First, it provides a good example of how discounting can skew cost-benefit analysis against regulation, particularly when the regulation is aimed at a substantial problem where benefits may not be realized until many years into the future.
The cost-benefit analysis says benefits from mandatory COOL are hard to quantify, largely because there is little evidence to support actual benefits, according to a government contact who has seen the report.
Speaking at a news conference in Manchester, Reedie said, ``It's our belief, and the cost-benefit analysis supports this, that this is a window of opportunity in east London which will not be there permanently.
Cost-benefit analysis of an educational program for general practitioners by the Swedish Committee for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression.
Each decision was grounded on a cost-benefit analysis performed using data from the LRA.
Johnston to reduce the number of regulations subject to cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment under the bill.
Risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and peer review are tools that must be incorporated into the regulatory process.
Pollution taxation and, more broadly, cost-benefit analysis became the watchwords of the 1980s and 1990s for businesses and even for many mainstream environmental organizations.

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