cost share

cost share,

n the share of health expenses that a beneficiary must pay, including the deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and charges over the amount reimbursed by the dental benefits plan.
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On September 9, 2017, President Trump authorized a 90 percent federal cost share for debris removal, including direct federal assistance.
This leads to the need for overall reduction in costs and translating those cost reductions into affordable prices for the patient's cost share.
The department noted that there is a $100-million cap on any single-demonstration award and that projects are required to have a 60/40 (industry/government) cost share.
Georgia Tech will contribute a 20% cost share to this research project.
In 1998, Congress permanently authorized the program and began decreasing the federal cost share until it reached its current level of 60 percent in 2001.
1995), showed that in Virginia's James River Basin (Figure 1) of the 420 respondents, 83 percent implemented BMPs financed with their own funds (without cost share assistance) while 17 percent implemented BMPs using cost-share assistance.
The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced a new partnership with industry and academia that consists of six projects with a value including cost share of more than $14 million aimed at significantly improving the vehicle efficiency of cars and trucks through technological advances.
We assume that the owner's reforestation decision depends on w when he or she is ignorant of cost-sharing and on the government cost share s [center dot] w when he or she knows of cost-sharing.
By comparison, cost share analysis of the 1983 PPCIS was based on 2,429 physicians, whereas the AMA's Socioeconomic Monitoring System (SMS) for 1988 based cost estimates on 2,855 responses.
participant's cost share must be proportionate to the benefits the participant reasonably anticipates will result from the research.
The Presidents action today authorizes 90 percent Federal cost share for debris removal, including direct Federal assistance; and a 100 percent Federal cost share for emergency protective measures, including direct Federal assistance, for 30 days from the start of the incident period, and then a 90 percent Federal cost share thereafter.