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(1.) For more information about the NIC cost containment framework, visit
This rule implies that the doughnut hole in Figure 1 will hardly provide incentives for cost containment to consumers whose expected expenses (far) exceed that doughnut hole.
And, with the ability to process thousands of claims per hour, these cost containment solutions reduce the need for healthcare organizations to maintain massive claims and administrative staffs.
More than 600 individuals are on waiting lists and 21 state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs report using at least one cost containment measure such as waiting lists and capped enrollment, despite increased federal and state funding.
Because BDHMI assumed the responsibility for the management, servicing and administration of Black & Decker's health plan, considered and proposed numerous health care cost containment strategies, and maintained salaried employees, the transaction had very real economic implications for participants in Black & Decker's health plan and should not be treated as a sham transaction.
As chief financial officers go their merry way, indiscriminately picking low-hanging fruit, underwriters gasp in silent horror as their meager funds for education and travel are sacrificed at the alter of "cost containment" A functional definition of pennywise and poundfoolish.
Often, the deteriorating situation creates an out cry for a government solution when one that places responsibility for cost containment and coverage decisions back in consumers' hands is needed.
The cost containment component is based on how effectively the practice manages non-physician costs.
Title: Medicare Prescription Drug Cost Containment Act of 2004
Each chapter covers one of the Act's 12 titles, including Drug Benefit, Medicare Advantage, Combatting Waste, Rural Provisions, Cost Containment, Administrative Improvements and Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals.