Beauty Therapy

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The use of beauty treatments—e.g., facial treatments, exfoliation, masks, wraps, manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc.—to enhance one’s physical appearance to others and, ideally, improve one’s own self-image
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In 2015, the Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling hit her with a $1,160 fine.
For some students in the "Hair by Hays" program, as it is known, cosmetology is "just a back up plan for if college doesn't work," said their instructor, Aimee Foster.
National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology
(2) Through the salon management portion of the curriculum, School to Work, 2+2 Credit and College Credit Now classes are also incorporated into the cosmetology program.
For many involved in the industry, cutting back on the hours of education needed to get a cosmetology license means less confident, less qualified beauticians.
Only schools offering programs that meet state cosmetology licensing requirements were considered, and every effort was made to ensure the scoring was impartial.
NIC's Cosmetology program includes two instructor courses--Master Inst ructor and Practicing Master Instructor--AVI both require passing the cosmetology written and practical exams.
"We will be merging with the cosmetology board, but we will still have our own identity," she said.
The operator of medical cosmetology hospitals, clinics and skincare centres in the Chinese province of Sichuan sold in a private placement 600,000 of its common shares at USD2.00 (EUR1.46) apiece, for aggregate gross proceeds of USD1.2m.
The Central Mississippi Correctional Facility (CMCF) Cosmetology Program is a prime example of positive lifestyle choices that are benefiting the offenders and society.
Cosmetology is a secondary instructional program designed to teach students how to provide basic services in sanitation and sterilization, shampooing, hair styling, manicuring, permanent waving, chemical waving, hair coloring, wigs, and salon management.