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Instead they provide the perfect allegories for the irrational collection of experiences which conjure the dystopic chaos, the inherent viscera and the cosmetically apparent pretensions of the city, but which separation of distance magically transforms into the ultimate sculptural phenomenon.
It can be cosmetically constructed or reconstructed, but this doesn't change the fact that though some people are born hermaphrodites, the vast majority of people are born male or female.
The market adjusts for the accounting difference by valuing the purchasing company (company A) at 15 times the cosmetically low $1.
Before moving ahead with plans to expand and build new, many owners opt to renovate older buildings first, bringing them up to current design standards, structurally, and cosmetically.
It left him with urinary problems, feeling cosmetically disabled and unable to make love to Jeannine, aged 53, his wife of 30 years, Central London County Court heard.
What further risks will surgical removal of a cosmetically placed device pose?
The Hearing Aids market is experiencing significant advancements in technology, resulting in the introduction of innovative, cosmetically appealing, highly efficient hearing systems.
8,685,419 B2; L'Oreal, Paris, has been awarded a patent for a cosmetic composition that is comprised of, in an cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one colorant comprising an inorganic fibrous matrix with tunnels; and at least one organic dye compound incorporated at least partially in the tunnels; wherein at least 30% of the total weight amount of organic dye is included in the channels of the fibrous matrix, the organic dye compound is an indigoid, and a weight ratio of organic dye compound to inorganic fibrous matrix is greater than or equal to 0.
Dealership includes showroom and office; detailing and automotive reconditioning area where cars are fully mechanically and cosmetically prepared for resale; and a high visibility location on Biscayne Blvd.
The fully enclosed mechanical compartment gives the lift a cosmetically clean overall look, while the white aluminum powder coat finish is durable and provides easy cleaning.
Not only will it look cosmetically better on Sunday when Coventry City visit St Andrew's, but it will play much truer as the bounce is back at last.
The judge said he had to ask would a reasonable observer think Ms Taylor Flynn had been cosmetically degraded.