cosmetic orthodontics

cos·met·ic or·tho·don·tics

(koz-metik ōrthŏ-dontiks)
Orthodontia limited to the improvement of cosmesis and aesthetics.

cosmetic orthodontics,

n limited orthodontic therapy for the purpose of improving appearance, such as the closing of an unsightly diastema between maxillary incisors that presents no other handicap.
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The practice has introduced a new cosmetic orthodontics service, Cfast, designed to align the teeth visible in a smile with just six months of treatment, and invisible brace service Invisalign, aimed at correcting crooked or crowded teeth.
It represents its first investment made through The Huron Fund IV LP and its second one in the dental industry, following the purchase of a majority stake in short-term cosmetic orthodontics provider Six Month Smiles Inc in January, Huron said.
Over the last couple of years, there has been an amazing transformation in cosmetic orthodontics and there is a good choice of invisible/cosmetic braces.
Cosmetic orthodontics focuses on straightening your teeth in several months, using discreet systems.
Flinn lectures regularly to the community and to dentists about various topics including cosmetic orthodontics.