corticopontine tract

cor·ti·co·pon·tine tract

collective term for the multitude of fibers that, originating in all of the major subdivisions of the cerebral cortex, descend in the internal capsule and crus cerebri to terminate in the nuclei of the basilar part of the pons. Individual components of this massive fiber system are indicated, according to their origin in the cerebral cortex, as the frontopontine fibers [TA], parietopontine fibers [TA], occipitopontine fibers [TA], and temporopontine fibers [TA].
Synonym(s): tractus corticopontinus [TA]
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[18] reported that CSCI patients exhibited significantly reduced FA values in corticospinal tract, corticopontine tract, and superior cerebellum.
Cerebral cortical neurons send impulses via the corticopontine tracts to the pontine basal nuclei in the ventral pons.