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Passing in a direction away from the outer surface; denoting especially nerve fibers conveying impulses away from the cerebral cortex.
[L. cortex, rind, bark, + fugio, to flee]
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Corticofugal projection fibers also form axonal projections on the neurons existing in the red nuclei, vestibular nuclei, bulbar ventral reticular nuclei, and the bulbar raphe nuclei of the brainstem, which is considered to be involved in motor control [11-13].
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These increased levels of corticofugal output, where messages are directed away from the cerebral cortex, may inhibit afferent sensorimotor impulses leading to a diminished awareness of bodily sensation and could account for the manifested sensory deficits and la belle indifference.[3]
Anatomically, this would be certainly possible via corticofugal connections that connect corresponding parts of the tonotopic maps, as documented in animal models [68, 69].
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