cortical dysplasia

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cor·ti·cal dys·pla·si·a

a malformative disorganization of the cytoarchitecture of the cortex relative to neurons.
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Neurologic findings include epilepsy due to cortical dysgenesis, hemiparesis due to unilateral atrophy, mental retardation due to the widespread failure of cerebral blood flow, and migraine-like headache (2).
Hemimegalencephaly, characterized by hamartomatous growth of a cerebral hemisphere, has been categorized under the term of "cortical dysgenesis" owing to disorders of proliferation.7
Intrauterine-onset myoclonic encephalopathy associated with cerebral cortical dysgenesis. J Child Neurol 1993;8:164-70.
* The precise neuropathology of cortical dysgenesis cannot be based on neuroimaging findings; the histologic examination performed in one case revealed a polymicrogyric convolutional pattern.
Microscopic examination of the cerebellum revealed the presence of cortical dysgenesis. Folia were reduced in size and number and displayed evidence of abnormal development.