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A mineralocorticoid hormone from the adrenal cortex.
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Three acne drugs that he said are "almost here" are minocycline gel and cortexolone 17 alpha-propionate 1% cream.
* Cortexolone L 7a-propionate (CB03-0 L) 1% cream, a topical antiandrogen.
Phase 3 studies of cortexolone 17a-propionate (CB-03-01) 1% cream are underway, Dr.
Another investigational topical acne therapy to keep an eye on is cortexolone. This peripherally selective antiandrogenic agent is under development by a company called Cassiopea.
Louis, MO); cortexolone, a GR inhibitor (Fisher Scientific); phenytoin plus cortexolone; and [iAs.sup.3+] plus cortexolone.
Eggs were injected with 100 [micro]L of either PBS alone, vehicle (0.1% ethanol), phenytoin (400 [micro]M), [iAs.sup.3+] (0.1 [micro]M, or 7.5 ppb), cortexolone (2 [micro]M), phenytoin plus cortexolone, or [iAs.sup.3+] plus cortexolone, and then incubated until day 6.
6 October 2010 - Italy-based drug maker Cosmo Pharmaceuticals (SWF: COPN) announced today positive study results about its chemical entity cortexolone 17alfa-propionate (CB-03-01) for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, a form of hair loss.
Cortexolone 17a-propionate 1% cream, a new potent antiandrogen for topical treatment of acne vulgaris.
Cortexolone 17a-propionate 1% cream, a new potent antiandrogen: A first-in-man assessment in the treatment of acne vulgaris.
* Cortexolone 17a-propionate (CB03-01) 1% cream, a topical anti-androgen.
The third topical agent is a potent antiandrogen called CB-03-01 (cortexolone 17[alpha]-propionate 1%).