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I did find the zipper-fastened corset fits a little tighter of the two styles, causing me to have to order one size up.
In the Victorian era, women wore elaborate corsets - narrow waists were an essential part of the stylish figure.
To most people the very notion of wearing a corset seems odd.
The reality star posted a video on Twitter explaining the origins of the outfit for those who believed she dressed her daughter in constricting corset.
A restrictive 1890s whalebone and cotton corset at the exhibition features a waist under 19 inches in circumference and is shown alongside X-rays and illustrations revealing the dramatic impact on the body of wearing such a garment.
The mum-of-one revealed to fans that she's doing 'waist-training,' which involves wearing a corset for extended periods of time to make it smaller and more hourglass.
Her desire was to transform the corset into everyday-friendly garments rather than lingerie.
The corset, which originated within aristocratic court culture and gradually spread throughout society, was all about a slender waist, she said.
14 ( ANI ): Experts have warned that corsets are coming back in fashion thanks to the latest diet fad, called the 'corset diet', which though helps in curbing one's food intake, is dangerous.
Actr ess Jessica Alba, who turns 32 on Sunday, wore a double corset to get back in shape after the birth of her first daughter Honor, now four years old.