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To cause, or to be affected by, corrosion.
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Simioni, "Structural risk assessment of corroding RC structures under seismic excitation," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
The reasons for choosing this structure are as follows: core-offset splicing SMF and PCF can improve optical path difference, which is conducive to the formation of the M-Z interference; excessive splicing PCF and SMF can cause the light in core and clad interference and effectively expand the measurement range of strain; corroding the optical fiber between A and B can increase evanescent field, which makes the corroded fiber optic sensor more sensitive.
The typical stress-strain curves (SSCs) of RC in marine environment with different RCA contents and corroding time are shown in Figure 2.
If discharged too far, "AA" alkaline batteries start corroding internally.
A conceptual model [1] to estimate the service life of corroding reinforced concrete is based on corrosion initiation and corrosion propagation time periods.
In these tests, TuffCor bolts lasted 5,000 hours without corroding, but standard bolts corroded after 1,000 hours.
A new system is being introduced at Sunderland tunnel to replace the overhead lines which have been found to be corroding at a much faster rate than usual.
When the company received a report that said that the accumulated sediment in the pipeline might be corroding it, he reduced the inspection personnel responsible for monitoring the pipeline by 25 percent.
A Most likely the brass coating on the drain is corroding, causing the ring you have in your sink.
The mat will soak up any battery acid and prevent the acid from corroding the bottom of the battery box.
The court noted that the word "corrosion" is defined as, "the action, process, or effect of corroding," quoting Webster's Dictionary, 10th Edition.
Over the years de-icing salts had leaked onto sup porting concrete cross-beams, corroding the reinforcing steelwork.