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To cause, or to be affected by, corrosion.
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Some of the nave window frames are so corroded that they are beyond repair and many of the glass panels are cracked and broken.
In this paper, the parameter determination of skeleton curve of noncorroded compression-bending members still is used as which of corroded reinforced concrete elements what proposed in the literature [21].
The test results of corroded medium and low strength rebars under dynamic loadings have indicated that the strain rate effect decreased with the increase of corrosion degree [15].
In this paper, the finite element model of a six-storey-three-span corroded reinforced concrete (RC) frame structure was built using SAP2000 software [18, 19].
A sensor with PCF fusion length of 20 mm, offset of 7 [micro]m, and taper diameter of 160 mm is corroded in HF for 35 min and then is washed by distilled water to clean the residual HF on sensor.
Many research works are devoted to residual strength analysis of corroded structures.
It is a classic example of a car that still looks very good, but is badly corroded underneath."
If the tube is corroded, broken or missing, the tank will develop hot and cold areas, leading to complaints about short-term hot water.
And while the rst section was indeed decorative and in good condition, the upper reaches were partly corroded.
Buffer assembly: Retainer won't hold; buffer badly corroded, cracked
Corroded pipes PAEW authorities could not be reached on the weekend, but sources said that water pumps that provide pressure needed replacing.