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To cause, or to be affected by, corrosion.
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* Different types of metals corrode at different rates.
Highways engineers say the concrete structures underneath the viaduct need to be reinforced because salt from the road has begun to corrode the steel bars on the underside of the structure.
bishops urged Americans "to turn away from the bitter fruits of the kind of hatred which is the source of this tragedy." Pope John Paul II's prayer for survivors the following day was "that the spiral of hatred and violence will not prevail." Similarly, on the one-month anniversary, the pope prayed that Americans would "resist the temptation to hatred and violence." And as recently as October 16, 2006, the apostolic nuncio to the United Nations warned that if counter-terrorism should violate fundamental human rights, "it would corrode the very values that it intends to protect."
According to the feature, "The mainstream, copper-based replacements for CCA corrode fasteners more rapidly than CCA, increasing the risk of collapse for thousands of decks and other structures.
said Friday it is recalling about 900,000 pickup trucks worldwide to fix problems with tailgate cables that can corrode and break when loads are placed on them, the Associated Press reported.
Or, replace the brass drain with a nickel chrome or brushed stainless steel drain, which won't corrode and discolor your sink.
The material will not corrode even if penetrated and does not require edge protection to prevent separation.
Steel exposed to seawater or salt spray will corrode more rapidly than steel in fresh water.
If your cables have started to corrode underneath the insulation, replacing them is a simple and cheap way to ensure starting power when you're in the wilderness.
The technique uses a sensitive piece of microelectronics, known as a superconducting quantum interference device, or Squid, to detect subtle changes in magnetic field strength that are generated when small amounts of metal corrode.