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A compound containing a corrin ring.
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Rapid analysis of cobalamin coenzymes and related corrinoid analogs by high-performance liquid chromatography.
Total corrinoids on HC (corHC) (reference interval 210-740 pmol/L) and [B.
For the study of corrinoids on HC, a case-control analysis was conducted.
No significant differences between cases and controls were found for totalTC, totalHC, total corrinoids on HC (corHC), and analogs on HC (aHC).
A new principle for measurement of cobalamin and corrinoids, used for studies of cobalamin analogs on serum haptocorrin.
12] is usually used as a generic term representing various cobalt-containing tetrapyrrole rings with attached nucleotide side chains that are chemically classified as cobalamins or corrinoids.
In contrast to the 2 other binding proteins, IF and TC, HC is characterized by its ability to bind both cobalamin and other corrinoids, the so-called vitamin [B.