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The MDS analysis of the within-group correlation matrix of data set 3 showed traits P, DM, and sp.
Show the Pearson correlation matrix between all major elements of all sites of Kohat and Potwar Plateau.
A correlation matrix was built to evaluate statistical significance between the parameters (Figure 3).
The first step in gaining an understanding of the correlations is to compute the correlation matrix for the underlying assets both on price levels and on return data; results are shown in Table 4.
The eigenvalues of the X'X correlation matrix I>>1, I>>2, .........
* Correlation Matrix, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) Measure and Bartlett's Test
[Z.sub.j] represents the jth respondent (the principal component of jth data), [[alpha].sub.jk] represents the assessment of the jth indices by kth respondent (the elements of the jth eigenvector [[lambda].sub.j] for the correlation matrix).
Having a look at the correlation matrix EI was positively and significantly correlated to H (p=0.00) and LL (p=0.00) where only two of its subscales were correlated to SE.
The pooled correlation matrix and its asymptotic covariance matrix were estimated in Stage 1, and then the proposed model was fitted in Stage 2.
In previous studies, the partial correlation coefficient between each group of nodes was calculated, generating a partial correlation matrix of (90 x 90) samples.

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