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Netuitive software automatically analyzes and correlates all of an organization's performance monitoring data in real-time, requires no manual configuration or specialized programming and delivers Trusted Alarms(TM) -- the industry's most reliable indicators of impending service problems.
SigmaSure RMA Insight is designed for use as a stand-alone product offering, or is available as part of SigmaQuest's SigmaSure Enterprise Suite for users that want to correlate warranty data with supplier, design, and manufacturing test data.
The book updates and expands the correlates through descriptions of practices that enable educators to build and sustain a school culture that accommodates the learning expectations and needs of all students.
tularensis population structure on a continentwide scale and the ecologic correlates and associations of specific groups.
The good knowledge of the correlates of educational achievement highlights the ways to the efficient use of economic and human capital in raising the efficiency of education.
IT CORRELATES WITH STANDARDS" At this year's NECC, there was far less software buzz about what students could make or do.
Investigations of specific achievement correlates of social goal pursuit were revealed during the 1990's (e.