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To remove, remedy, or counteract something, such as a malfunction or defect.
Free from error or fault; true or accurate.
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Q. Is the diagnosis correct? I have been diagnosed bipolar and was previously diagnosed with depression and ADHD how I know the diagnosis is correct this time?

A. a psychologist/psychiatrist should also have the possibility with a questionary to detect if you have bipolar disorder and/or adhd. i have both and live with it since i am a child. i had my first "out-of-control"-crisis with 29 years. in the meantime i am 46 (in two days) and i still live! i had also many times the wish to make suicide, but this is the worst solution. do you live alone? do you have a dog? do you have a job? what are your talents? what do you love to do in life? write it down and look what you could put on a focus. what are the things you do daily that allows you to stop thinking of all your trouble? write it down. to make a puzzle? play chess with your neighbor? to chat online? you only can collect what could help you in such cases to keep the bad thoughts you have away from yourself. there is always at least one good solution. i give you here some ideas. never give up! thank you

Q. How do I now if my nutrition is correct? I guess it's not... and Id like to fix it but dont really know what should I change...

A. Read more about the recommended nutrition, and learn how to analyze yours here (, and if you have further concerns, you may want to consult a professional (e.g. dietitian). In general, nutrition should include about 30-35 calories per kg per day.

Eat a healthy diet with a lot of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and a limited amount of red meat. Get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. More is even better. Tips for achieving this goal include: Make fruits and vegetables part of every meal. Frozen or canned can be used when fresh isn't convenient. Put fruit on your cereal. Eat vegetables as snacks. Have a bowl of fruit out all the time for kids to take snacks from.

Cut down on bad fats (trans fatty acids and saturated fats) and consume good fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat like olive oil and canola oil). Tips for achieving this goal include: Choose chicken, fish, or beans instead of red meat and ch

Q. Is there a laser vision correction operation that will correct both near and farsightedness? My optometrist said that typical laservision would require that I wear glasses for reading since it only corrects farsightedness. I'm leery of the technique of doing only one eye for distance and leaving the other "as is" for reading. I seem to recall a brief news report of some new laser vision technique that corrects both near- and farsightedness. Is that true or were they referring to the "one eye for closeup and one eye for distance" type of correction that I'm skeptical about? Thanks!!

A. my mother-in-law had that done about a yeara ago,for both near and far,they make them the oppisite,i had my near sightness fixed two years ago and i love it should of done it sooner.....

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Other solutions being introduced in the camera stage area of FOR-A's NAB booth include the RFC-ONE real time flash corrector and VFC-7000A variable frame rate camera.
Local gas distribution companies utilize PTZ gas volume correctors to convert gas volume from operating conditions to reference pressure and temperature conditions.
The corrector, however, should be lighter than the skin tone, or the lesion itself will appear darker.
However, the camera and coma corrector are held in the focuser with two small setscrews that press directly on the barrel of the coma corrector.
Smithers dates Kyng Alisaunder to between 1250 and 1327; (14) its early date may explain some of the Corrector's efforts to make the language more accessible.
Also, there is no need of a corrector step in the damped Newton method, therefore a lot of computational cost can be saved.
It is surprising that this patently wrong description has persisted for so long, but as mentioned earlier it was present in the original Sky & Telescope article, and was copied in the description of the corrector made by Adirondack Video Astronomy on their website.
Blackmagic Design has released a public beta of DaVinci Resolve 8.0.1 with support for Apple's Mac OS X Lion and with a three-way colour corrector, which works in parallel with Resolve's primary colour corrector and features a much simpler colour-wheel user interface.
Relaunched this spring, Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (pounds 52.50) helps the skin fight back against sun damage.
At the event, the French beauty firm introduced ProEven Total Dark Spot Corrector, Normaderm Triple Action Anti-Acne Hydrating Lotion and Capital Soleil Soft Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30 and 60, while Young, executive pastry chef of Flex Mussels, whipped up a French cremoux that mimicked the texture of the new Capital Soleil sunscreen lotions.
These schemes involve the use of explicit formulae to make a prediction of the current value of the dependent variable y and then use implicit (corrector) formulae to make a final approximation to the current value of y.