corrective emotional experience

cor·rec·tive e·mo·tion·al ex·pe·ri·ence

reexposure under favorable circumstances to an emotional situation with which one could not cope in the past.
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cor·rec·tive e·mo·tion·al ex·per·i·ence

(kŏr-ektiv ē-mōshŭn-ăl ek-spērē-ĕns)
Reexposure under favorable circumstances to an emotional situation with which one could not cope in the past.
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The 'corrective emotional experience' of psychotherapy targets these affective patterns that were formulated during the early emotional attachments.
"corrective emotional experience" through which the trainee
Corrective Emotional Experience once the therapeutic alliance and presence of the Spirit-in-process have established a contextual basis, opportunities emerge for the corrective emotional experience as an interpersonal mechanism for therapeutic change.
The psychoanalytic developmental archetypes of object permanence, object constancy, and a corrective emotional experience are used as a vehicle to conceptualize therapeutic healing.
In this study, an unconscious need for a corrective emotional experience (CEE) driving the choice to teach was investigated.
Truth could also be conveyed in the form of a corrective emotional experience. The importance of "speaking the truth to one another in love" (p.
French et al., "The Principle of Corrective Emotional Experience," in Psychoanalytic Therapy: Principles and Application (New York: Ronald Press, 1946), 66-70.
The "hands-on" approach does just that, by providing a corrective emotional experience.
Chapters include: review of literature: historical, theoretical perspective; "ya get it?" - children, humor, and psychotherapy; humor as a diagnostic tool in child and adolescent groups; humor in psychotherapy: an invaluable technique with adolescents; humor as a communication facilitator in couples' therapy; humor in family therapy: laughter in the crucible; the absurd statement in psychotherapy: the treatment of individual adults; humor and the mental health of the elderly; humor: a corrective emotional experience; and the use of humor in the treatment of people with cancer.
In group therapy, enactment is often utilized in the form of psychodrama so that the individual can experience a corrective emotional experience of a past pain in the context of the group process.
In effect the working became a vehicle for a corrective emotional experience by providing a new experience of birth.
In order to interface his material with a ministry-oriented framework, the construct of CER will be contrasted with that of corrective emotional experience (CEE).
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