corrective emotional experience

cor·rec·tive e·mo·tion·al ex·pe·ri·ence

reexposure under favorable circumstances to an emotional situation with which one could not cope in the past.

corrective emotional experience

a process by which a patient gives up old behavior patterns and learns or relearns new patterns by reexperiencing early unresolved feelings and needs.

cor·rec·tive e·mo·tion·al ex·per·i·ence

(kŏr-ektiv ē-mōshŭn-ăl ek-spērē-ĕns)
Reexposure under favorable circumstances to an emotional situation with which one could not cope in the past.
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The Spirit invites a kenotic meeting of client and clinician to form the working alliance, foments an emotionally rich environment in which the corrective emotional experience takes place, and serves as midwife to the genesis of new synapses and neurons in the brain.
The psychoanalytic developmental archetypes of object permanence, object constancy, and a corrective emotional experience are used as a vehicle to conceptualize therapeutic healing.
In this study, an unconscious need for a corrective emotional experience (CEE) driving the choice to teach was investigated.
Truth could also be conveyed in the form of a corrective emotional experience.
The Principle of Corrective Emotional Experience," in Psychoanalytic Therapy: Principles and Application (New York: Ronald Press, 1946), 66-70.
In effect the working became a vehicle for a corrective emotional experience by providing a new experience of birth.
The "hands-on" approach does just that, by providing a corrective emotional experience.
In group therapy, enactment is often utilized in the form of psychodrama so that the individual can experience a corrective emotional experience of a past pain in the context of the group process.
Research reported by Yalom indicates that the corrective emotional experience is a primary curative factor in group therapy.
Abstract: While we are using Alexander's work as a beginning point for this analysis of corrective emotional experience in the therapeutic process, we extend the concept beyond the level of ego experience (emotion, memory, and cognition) to that of Self or Soul experience (the transpersonal realms of collective unconscious, subtle energy, and the spirit world).
Incorporate a corrective emotional experience and new life decisions.
They are moved by the client, believe the client, their genuine reactions and responses to the client provide corrective emotional experiences and facilitate healing.
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