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Relating to a corpuscle.


Relating to a corpuscle.


(kor'pus-el) [L. corpusculum, little body]
1. Any small rounded body.
2. An encapsulated sensory nerve ending.
3. A blood cell. corpuscular (kor-pus'kyu-lar), adjective

axis corpuscle

The center of a tactile corpuscle.

blood corpuscle.

An erythrocyte or leukocyte.

bone corpuscle

Bone cell.

cancroid corpuscle

The characteristic nodule in cutaneous epithelioma.

cartilage corpuscle


chromophil corpuscle

Nissl body.

chyle corpuscle

A corpuscle seen in chyle.

colloid corpuscle

Corpus amylaceum.

colostrum corpuscle

A cell containing phagocytosed fat globules, present in milk secreted the first few days after parturition.

corneal corpuscle

A type of connective tissue cell found in the fibrous tissue of the cornea.

Drysdale's corpuscle

See: Drysdale's corpuscle

genital corpuscle

An encapsulated sensory nerve ending resembling a pacinian corpuscle that is found in the skin of the external genitalia and nipples.

ghost corpuscle

See: red cell ghost

Gierke's corpuscle

Hassall's corpuscle.

Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscle

See: Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscle

Hassall's corpuscle

See: Hassall's corpuscle

Krause's corpuscle

See: Krause's corpuscle

lymph corpuscle


malpighian corpuscle

1. Renal corpuscle.
2. A malpighian body of the spleen.

Mazzoni's corpuscle

See: Krause's corpuscle.

Meissner's corpuscle

See: Meissner's corpuscle

milk corpuscle

A fat-filled globule present in milk. It represents the distal end of a mammary gland cell broken off in apocrine secretion.

pacinian corpuscle

An encapsulated nerve ending found in the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and other connective tissue membranes; it is a sensory receptor for pressure.

Purkinje corpuscle

See: Purkinje cell

red corpuscle


red blood corpuscle

Enlarge picture

renal corpuscle

A glomerulus and Bowman's capsule of the nephron of a kidney, the site of glomerular filtration.
Synonym: malpighian corpuscle (1) See: illustration

reticulated corpuscle

An obsolete term for reticulocyte.
See: reticulocyte

Ruffini corpuscle

See: Ruffini, Angelo

splenic corpuscle

A nodule of lymphatic tissue in the spleen.

tactile corpuscle

A sensory receptor that responds to touch (e.g., Meissner's corpuscle). Tactile corpuscles are located in the dermal papillae just beneath the epidermis and are most numerous on the fingertips, toes, soles, palms, lips, nipples, and tip of the tongue.

terminal corpuscle

A nerve ending.

white corpuscle


white blood corpuscle

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Otro aspecto que cabe destacar respecto a las actividades en los libros de texto es la reiteracion de ejemplos, que van apareciendo a lo largo de los cursos, y que parecen limitar el ambito de aplicacion de la teoria corpuscular a estos ejemplos concretos.
The problem with applying a corpuscular approach to a wave phenomenon in a medium is that a propagation speed c + v is impossible since all propagation speeds are limited by the characteristic speed of the medium.
There was no significant difference in hematocrit (Hct) (%), red distribution width (RDW) (%), and in mean corpuscular volume (MCV) (fl) at all MTBE concentrations (1,000, 1,500, 2,000, and 2,500 ppm) in treated animals (Table 4).
The significantly lower mean corpuscular hemoglobin values and mean corpuscular volume concentrations in patients with recurrent ALTEs point to iron deficiency as a player in the recurrence of these events, Dr.
Normal Values: Red Blood Cell Indices Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) 80-96 Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) 27-31 Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) 32-36 g/dL Table 4.
Luego se calcularon los indices hematimetricos de Wintrobe, volumen corpuscular medio (VCM), hemoglobina corpuscular media (HbCM) y la concentracion de hemoglobina corpuscular media (CHbCM).
I believe more could and should have been done to develop the differentiation between corpuscular and electromagnetic radiation.
A low ferritin, a low hemoglobin, a low red blood cell number, and a low mean corpuscular volume (MCV) support the diagnosis.
stability in the presence of magnetic and electric fields, corpuscular radiation, vibrations, and mechanical shocks
Although not actually heart-shaped, the three-story AVAM Could be said to pull the corpuscular viewer through walkway vessels into curved-wall chambers.
Despite its corpuscular tide, this is the least vital section of the book.