Plural of corpusculum.
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praeterea si quae penitus corpuscula rerum ex altoque foras mittuntur, solis uti lux ac vapor, haec puncto cernuntur lapsa diei per totum caeli spatium diffundere sese perque volare mare ac terras caelumque rigare (DRN IV 199-205) "Besides, if there are particles of matter which are sent out from deep down inside--such as the light and heat of the Sun--which are yet seen to slip and pour themselves through the whole space of heaven in a single moment of the day, to fly through the sea and lands and flood the sky ..." (Translation of Godwin 1986)
ea corpuscula, ex quibus substantia componitur, qualitates istas creare, prout isto, aliove modo moventur; insinuantur, apllicantur."