corpus luteum cyst

cor·pus lu·te·um cyst

(kōr'pŭs lū'tē-ŭm sist)
Persistent corpus luteum with cyst formation.
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Laparoscopy revealed bleeding from the corpus luteum cyst and hemostasis was achieved.
If fluid accumulates inside, it creates what is called a corpus luteum cyst. These types of cysts rarely cause any symptoms and usually go away in a few months.
Follicular cyst and corpus luteum cyst cause significant problems in cattle; they are responsible for infertility, and delays in ovulation and cyclicity in dairy cows (Borges et al., 2009).
Seven women have been excluded; one woman being postpartum at the time of the finding of a large endometrioma, five pregnancies due to assisted conception and one woman was found to have a corpus luteum cyst (Figure 1).
In the differential diagnosis of cases with acute abdomen symptoms in adolescents, the underlying causes such as acute appendicitis, ruptured corpus luteum cyst, torsion of an ovarian cyst, and ectopic pregnancy are to be considered by surgeons.
The uterus was dilated with a larger left uterine horn and prominent congested blood vessels; a corpus luteum cyst was present in the left ovary.
that the wall of the corpus luteum is typically less echogenic than the endometrium and that an anechoic cystic structure with a thin wall is significantly more likely to be the corpus luteum cyst rather than an ectopic pregnancy.
A functional cyst such as a follicular cyst, corpus luteum cyst, or theca lutein cyst usually has smooth borders and a fluid center.
No adnexal pathology other than a small right ovarian corpus luteum cyst was noted at the time of operation.
(2) Corpus luteum cyst and benign cystic teratoma contribute to two-thirds of the cases.