corpus epididymis

cor·pus ep·i·did·y·mis

body of epididymis.
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The GNAQ protein levels in the caput and cauda epididymis were significantly greater than those observed in the corpus epididymis (p<0.01) and testis (p<0.05) (Figure 4B).
It covers the superior pole of the testis and connects by a narrow corpus epididymis to a prominent cauda epididymis projecting from the distal border of the testis.
In one study, testicular atrophy and separation of the caput and caudal regions with a loss of corpus epididymis was observed in two rats, which were excluded from the analysis (Ohsako et al.
The epididymis is separated into 4 different regions, initial segment (IS), caput epididymis, corpus epididymis, and caudal epididymis, depending upon their histological and functional characteristics (Figure 3A) (Ilio and Hess, 1994).
The incisions of the caput and corpus epididymis flushed with 2-3 drops of 2.9% buffered sodium citrate kept at body temperature.
There were higher values (p<0.05) of proximal and distal cytoplasmic droplets in carput and corpus epididymis, when compared with the same values in the caudal epididymis.
The corpus epididymis showed very low numbers (about 0.12/1000-0.22/1000) in both young and old males.