body of epididymis

(redirected from corpus epididymidis)

bod·y of ep·i·did·y·mis

the middle part that extends downward from the head to the tail of the epididymis on the posterior surface of the testis.
Synonym(s): corpus epididymidis [TA]
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Furthermore, lower LDH activity noted in the caput and corpus epididymidis might be related with a progressive reduction of glycolysis in initial maturation step of spermatozoa mainly verified in corpus epididymidis.
Intermediate and similar total protein concentrations were observed for the caput and corpus epididymidis (7.
60 U/100 mg tissue), while the lowest activity was found in the corpus epididymidis (4.
Corpus epididymidis tissues showed low activity of LDH, as well as a low reactivity was also observed along the connective tissues of epidydimal support.
On the other hand, in rat, rabbit and sheep the highest total protein concentration was observed mainly in proximal and distal corpus epididymidis and the lowest levels occurred in cauda epididymidis (Riar et al.