buccal fat pad

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buccal fat pad

a fat pad in the cheek under the subcutaneous layer of the skin, over the buccinator. It is particularly prominent in infants and is often called a sucking pad.
An encapsulated wad of fat located between the masseter and lateral surface of the buccinator, above the jawline at the corner of the mouth


1. A cushion of soft material, usually cotton or rayon, used to apply pressure, relieve pressure, or support an organ or part.
2. A fleshlike or fatty mass.

abdominal pad

A dressing for absorbing discharges from surgical wounds of the abdomen.

Bichat's fat pad

Sucking pad.

buccal fat pad

Sucking pad.

dinner pad

A pad placed on the abdomen before application of a plaster cast.

dorsocervical fat pad

Buffalo hump.
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FAT PAD: prolapse of orbital fat pad at the lateral canthus of the eye

fat pad

1. Sucking pad.
Enlarge picture
FAT PAD: prolapse of orbital fat pad at the lateral canthus of the eye
2. A layer of adipose tissue (usually capsulated) that protects structures from direct impact. Fat pads are found in various locations in the body: beneath the patellar tendon; under the calcaneus; or behind the elbow. See: illustration

kidney pad

An air or water pad fixed on an abdominal belt belt for external protection of the kidney.

knuckle pads

A congenital condition in which small nodules appear on the dorsal side of fingers.

laparotomy pad

A gauze pad with radioopaque marker employed to absorb fluids and/ or to pack off mobile viscera intraoperatively; commonly referred to as lap pad.

Malgaigne pad

See: Malgaigne pad

Mikulicz pad

See: Mikulicz-Radecki, Johann von

perineal pad

A pad covering the perineum; used to cover a wound or to absorb the menstrual flow.

sucking pad

A mass of fat in the cheeks, esp. well developed in an infant, aiding sucking.
Synonym: Bichat's fat pad; buccal fat pad

surgical pad

1. An absorbent gauze pad such as a laparotomy pad
2. A soft rubber pad with an apron and inflatable rim for drainage of escaping fluids; used in surgery and obstetrics.


Marie F.X., French anatomist, physician, and biologist, 1771-1802.
Bichat canal - Synonym(s): cistern of great cerebral vein.
Bichat fat pad - an encapsuled mass of fat in the cheek on the outer side of the buccinator muscle. Synonym(s): buccal fat pad
Bichat fissure - the nearly circular fissure corresponding to the medial margin of the cerebral (pallial) mantle, marking the hilus of the cerebral hemisphere.
Bichat foramen - Synonym(s): cistern of great cerebral vein
Bichat fossa - sphenomaxillary fossa, a small pyramidal space, housing the pterygopalatine ganglion, between the pterygoid process, the maxilla, and the palatine bone. Synonym(s): pterygopalatine fossa
Bichat ligament - the lower fasciculus of the posterior sacroiliac ligament.
Bichat membrane - the inner elastic membrane of arteries.
Bichat protuberance - Synonym(s): buccal fat pad
Bichat tunic - the tunica intima of the blood vessels.