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1. the union of one substance with another, or with others, in a composite mass.
2. an unconscious defense mechanism in which a person figuratively ingests the psychic representation of another person, or parts of another person.
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1. Act or process of determining classification or nature of.
2. A sense of oneness, or psychic continuity with another person or group; one of the freudian defense mechanisms common to everyone, whereby anxiety regarding one's personal identity or worth is dissipated through the mechanism of perceiving oneself as having characteristics in common with a person in the public eye, or in childhood identifying with a more powerful person such as a parent.
Synonym(s): incorporation
[Mediev. L. identicus, fr. L. idem, the same, + facio, to make]
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* A corporation generally must comply with the terms and conditions for the first effective year, even if it is a short period.
Similarly, an S corporation is also a desirable target in a tax-advantaged acquisition strategy known as a Section 338(h)(10) transaction.
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc., and for no other or improper purpose.
* Shareholders voluntarily revoke the entity's S corporation status.
Yet back in the days when the corporation was still new and its impact clear, the question was of obsessive concern.
There is no consensus among minority business development executives about when and how to ask a corporation for a list of the products and services they purchase.
By permitting a corporation to rely on the business of a lower-tier affiliate for purposes of the requirement, Sec.
The term []United States Shareholder[] means any shareholder described in section 951(b) without regard to whether the foreign corporation is a controlled foreign corporation.
Johnson says he and Beattie discussed whether his corporation could buy a small amount of stock in a profitable company, allowing that company to deduct Bering Straits losses--and funnel large portions of the savings back to the native corporation.
But what they might not say is that employment and noncompete agreements can create serious income tax consequences when a firm or corporation is liquidated and goodwill assets such as client relationships are distributed among the shareholders.
The way the corporation drifted from that role is a story that has all the elements of a neoconservative morality play.

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