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Although venous angioplasty is considered to be safe and effective method to overcome venous stenosis, serious complications may ensue such as rupture, perforation, dissection and thrombosis of the coronary vein (3).
Coronary vein angioplasty to facilitate implantation of left ventricular lead.
No matter how badly diseased a patient's coronary arteries are, the coronary veins remain disease free.
And particularly on the left side of the heart, the coronary veins parallel the major epicardial arteries.
There are several other techniques for placement of the LV lead inside the sharply-angulated/tortuous coronary veins. First is to advance the guidewire as far out inside the vein as possible, sometimes even coming back into the CS via anastomoses.
The blood is then returned to the right atrium through the coronary sinus, a large vein formed by the coronary Veins.