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Severe transmural myocardial ischemia after dipyridamole administration implicating coronary steal.
For example, the statement "Perhaps the most striking example is the rise and fall of high-dose opioid anesthesia, which was initially driven by concern about excessive cardiac depression by volatile anesthetics in the 1970s and further accelerated in the mid 1980s by concerns about potential coronary steal with isoflurane".
Inhalation-based anesthetic techniques had been shown to be a key for early extubation in cardiac surgical patients, but the use of inhalation anesthetics in patients with coronary artery disease was questioned as isoflurane was proclaimed to be a powerful coronary vasodilator causing coronary steal.
Symptoms usually occur due to coronary steal phenomenon caused by the flow of blood from the higher pressure coronary arterial system to the lower pressure pulmonary arteries.
The anterior wall ischemia that was shown on nuclear stress imaging, chest pain and dynamic ST segment changes might be attributed to coronary steal phenomenon.
This untied LIMA branch was suspected of causing coronary steal syndrome and was held responsible for the angina pectoris.