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* Two topics of similar nature and similar complexity-brain circulation and coronary circulation, were taught by 2 different methods- lecture and seminar.
We have also found hyperreactivity to thromboxane (Figure 1A) and impaired bradykinin-dependent relaxation in the coronary circulation of young SCH (Figure 1b).
Anatomic and functional studies of the coronary circulation in the dog and pig.
Finally, compared with CCA, MSCT is unable to accurately assess the speed and direction of blood flow in the coronary circulation and across stenotic lesions (64).
Adenovectors are also considered to be significantly more efficient than naked plasmid DNA for gene transfer; and naturally-occurring biological receptors for adenovectors are believed to facilitate its binding to a broad area of heart muscle supplied by the infused coronary circulation. Employing this readily-accessible coronary delivery route to the myocardium avoids the need for any mechanical devices or approaches that require entry into the heart chambers or piercing of the surrounding heart muscle, or that result in delivery and gene expression concentrated along needle tracks in the injected myocardium.
"We advance a special infusion catheter into the coronary circulation, then slowly deliver the material over the course of several minutes.
By carrying this gene vector into the coronary circulation, it should help the cells that form coronary blood vessels grow.
SNOWMASS COLO -- Sirolimus-eluting stents show some promise for the treatment of obstructive superficial femoral artery lesions, although it must be said the results aren't nearly as impressive as in the coronary circulation.
More recently, clinical studies using adenoviral vectors encoding angiogenic factors, VEG[F.sub.121]) and FGF4, have targeted coronary circulation. The ongoing study with FGF4 has the benefit of randomization, but carries the risk of administering a first-generation adenoviral vector directly into the coronary circulation.
Like all other body tissues, the heart must have its own blood supply, delivered via the coronary circulation system.
Dissection occurred in the left coronary circulation in 32 (66.7%) and right coronary circulation in 16 (33.3%) patients.
Given the ecological importance of the cougar, the functional significance of the coronary circulation, the scarcity of descriptions related to wild felids, and the controversial coronary dominance in felids, the objective of this study was to describe the anatomy of the coronary arteries and their main branches in P.