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In the present study, a significant positive correlation was reported between toe length, heel length, coronary band perimeter, and solar width of foals (Table 2).
Toe length: from the coronet to the distal margin; Heel length: from each bulb to the weight-bearing margin of the heels; Coronary band perimeter; solar width, width of the solar surface of the hoof; and Toe angle: measured between the dorsal hoof wall and the bottom of the hoof.
The most frequent gross manifestations observed were petechial hemorrhages of the kidney (7 piglets) and ulcerative lesions at the tongue (6 piglets) and coronary bands (4 piglets) (Figure 1, panels A, B).
One problem you will have in judging angle is that the coronary band sticks out just enough to throw your eye off and break up the straight line.
Affected animals exhibited acute lameness, anorexia, lethargy, and transient fever without associated mortality; they also exhibited coronary band hyperemia and vesicles, which occasionally progressed to cutaneous ulcers, as previously reported (5,6).
equi surveillance Nasopharyngeal wash AHLD Cough Respiratory tract Dermatitis (pastern) Skin (pastern) Chronic draining Wound abscess Nasal/sinus swelling Upper respiratory tract Previous uterine Uterus infection Draining sores on Neck wound neck Wound (coronary Coronary band band) wound Prebreeding Uterus examination Chronic pneumonia Nasal passage Isolate ID Date Mixed Identification or source sampled infection?
At 4 dpi, 7 of 16 pigs had intact or ruptured vesicular lesions on the coronary bands of toes and dewclaws or the interdigital space of [greater than or equal to] 1 feet (Figure 1).
The clinical signs of IVD are fever, lameness, and vesicular lesions on various body parts including the oral cavity, snout, and coronary bands (3).

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