coronary artery scan

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coronary artery scan (CAS)

a noninvasive method for the early detection of coronary atherosclerosis, using electron beam CT to detect and measure calcium, which is the marker for atherosclerosis, in the coronary arteries.

coronary artery scan

Abbreviation: CAS
A noninvasive diagnostic CT scan that may identify patients at risk for atherosclerosis and coronary disease episodes by measuring calcium in the coronary arteries.
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They were able to select more than half of their patient population who could safely be sent home based upon their EBT calcium scores and the negative predictive value of the coronary artery scan result was 99.
By eliminating a source of bias commonly present in such research studies, the investigators demonstrated that the specificity of the EBT coronary artery scan for the determination of obstructive CAD was 72.
The EBT coronary artery scan clearly provides new, relevant information with respect to patient outcomes as compared to the limited, stenosis-specific diagnostic information provided by coronary angiography.
Coronary artery calcification can also be detected and quantified non-invasively by using Imatron's Ultrafast CT Coronary Artery Scan procedure.
Raggi and fellow-investigators answered the request of the authors of the joint ACC/AHA Expert Consensus Document on Electron Beam Computed Tomography for the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Coronary Artery Disease, to publish further research into the potential for using the EBT coronary artery scan as a cardiac diagnostic test.
Study after study has clearly demonstrated that the EBT coronary artery scan accurately measures even small calcium deposits in the coronary arteries.
This is the largest peer-reviewed, published, single-center study to date in which subjects at high risk of having coronary artery obstructions underwent both invasive coronary angiography and the simple, non-invasive EBT coronary artery scan to detect coronary artery calcification.
Most importantly, a Coronary Artery Scan (CAS), by Imatron's Ultrafast CT(R) scanner is the centerpiece of the HeartScan-Washington, D.
Most importantly, a Coronary Artery Scan, by Imatron's Ultrafast CT(R) scanner is the centerpiece of the HeartScan-Pittsburgh risk assessment.
We are extremely pleased with AHA's new position in that it now officially acknowledges the unique capabilities of the Coronary Artery Scan (CAS) by Ultrafast CT(R) to quantify coronary calcification and its role in the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease," said S.

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