coronary artery aneurysm

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cor·o·nar·y ar·ter·y an·eu·rysm

aneurysm of the coronary artery, rarely congenital, usually due to atherosclerosis, inflammatory processes, or a coronary fistula.
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1999) Surgical management of arteriosclerotic coronary artery aneurysm.
Since the etiology is unknown, pharmacological therapy is non-specific and directed towards modulation of the inflammatory response and inhibition of platelet activation with the aim of preventing coronary artery aneurysms [11].
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Coronary artery aneurysm (CAA) is defined as a coronary artery dilatation that exceeds the diameter of normal adjacent segments or 1.
Patients with coronary artery aneurysm can either be asymptomatic or symptomatic.
Giant congenital coronary artery aneurysm In pulmonary atresia with Intact septum.
We believe it likely that both the etiologic agent and the immune response to the agent contribute to the development of myocarditis and coronary artery aneurysm, which, in their most severe form, can prove fatal in Kawasaki disease," she said.
However, the presence of an intact coronary artery wall was sufficient to rule out coronary artery aneurysm.
The research team found even higher levels of the receptor in Kawasaki children who later went on to develop coronary artery aneurysm, a weakening of the vessel wall.

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