coronary artery

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cor·o·nar·y ar·ter·y

2. (obsolete) Synonym(s): left gastric artery
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coronary artery

Either of two arteries that originate in the aorta and supply blood to the muscular tissue of the heart.
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coronary artery

The right coronary artery, the left coronary artery, or their main branches. See: illustration
See also: artery
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Coronary artery

The artery that supplies blood to the heart muscle itself.
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Patient discussion about coronary artery

Q. my mother have stem replacement for a coronary artery oclusion is already 2 years she physically deteriorating since surgery why???? please help she does not have energy

A. I agree with Dagmar. It can be most likely caused by another occlusion or re-occlusion inside the heart blood vessels. Since that is a life-threatening case, I strongly suggest you to bring your mother into a hospital (for complete check up), or just call your cardiologist to have first treatment.

Meanwhile, that will be better if you have emergency oxygen (just in case you'll need it) with you.

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Caption: In coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), a surgeon takes a blood vessel from another part of the body--often a vein from the leg--and attaches or grafts it to the heart above and below the blocked portion of the coronary artery.

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