coronal section

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cor·o·nal sec·tion

a cross-section attained by slicing, actually or through imaging techniques, the body or any part of the body or any anatomic structure in the coronal or frontal plane, that is, in a vertical plane perpendicular to the median or sagittal plane. Given that actual sectioning in the coronal plane results in an anterior and a posterior portion, an anatomic coronal section may be a two-dimensional view of the cut surface of the posterior aspect of the anterior portion, or of the anterior aspect of the posterior portion.
Synonym(s): frontal section
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(sek'shon) [L. sectio, a cutting]
1. The act of cutting.
2. A division or segment of a part. See: plane for illus
3. A surface made by cutting.
4. In radiology, a slice. See: slice

abdominal section


cesarean section

See: cesarean section

coronal section

Frontal section.

cross section

A section perpendicular to the long axis of an organ.

frontal section

A section dividing the body into two parts, dorsal and ventral. Synonym: coronal section

frozen section

A thin piece of surgically obtained tissue frozen to permit rapid examination of the specimen under the microscope by a pathologist. The specimen is usually obtained intraoperatively, while the patient is still anesthetized. The surgeon's further action (such as to operate, to obtain clear margins, or to close the incision) is influenced by the findings.

ground section

A section of bone or tooth prepared for histological study by polishing until thin enough for microscope viewing.

longitudinal section

A section parallel to the long axis of an organ.

midsagittal section

A section that divides the body into right and left halves.

paraffin section

A section of a tissue that has been infiltrated with paraffin.

perineal section

An external incision into the urethra to relieve stricture.

Pitres section

See: Pitres section

sagittal section

A section cut parallel to the median plane of the body.

serial section

Any of several microscopic sections made and arranged in consecutive order.

vaginal section

A surgical incision of the vagina.
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Lateral view showing apical simple operculum, reverse lateral view without operculum, frontal view showing operculum, and coronal section transecting the operculum (M05794982: R.
(b) Hematoxylineosin stains of coronal sections of the brain after 24 hours of reperfusion in the dose- response study groups (n = 3 per group).
Data on the number of immunoreactive cells to CB in the glomerular layer (GL) in coronal sections of the olfactory bulb of mice inoculated with rabies virus and its controls.
Figure 3 a: MRI T1 weight coronal section showing low intensity soft tissue signals occupying the region middle meatus extending above to the fovea ethmoidalis and laterally into the orbit.
Coronal section of kidney when viewed with naked eye was normal after 1st week.
Using the CT images, the maximum width and length of the stones were measured in axial and coronal sections, respectively.
For evaluation, each specimen root was divided into three equal thirds, namely the apical, middle and coronal sections. The mean volume of the root canal filling (gutta-percha and sealer) and the mean volume of internal and external voids were calculated in cubic micrometers within each third using the micro-CT analysis.
To obtain the 2 mm coronal sections of the rabbit head, with 1 mm material waste, we applied liquid nitrogen over the cutting guide to maintain freezed block.
Serial coronal sections of 40 [micro]m were cut using a sliding microtome (Leica, Wetzlar, Germany) and stored at 4[degrees]C in a cryoprotective solution until required.
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