coronal polishing

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cor·o·nal pol·ish·ing

(kōrŏ-năl polish-ing)
Burnishing of the anatomic crowns of the teeth to remove dental biofilm and extrinsic stains; process does not involve calculus removal, however.
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Most coronal polishing studies conducted one to two decades ago used metal prophylaxis angles, rubber cups, and prophylaxis pastes.[1-12]
Pit & Fissure and Coronal Polishing certificates will be discontinued on September 1, 2017
However, if we bring the patient back for coronal polishing only, then a D1110 could be used within 90 days.
Under his guidance Beth earned her Ohio Dental Assistant's Radiographer's license, DANB certification, Coronal Polishing certification, and became a member of the ADAA.
During the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA) and the Oklahoma Dental Assistant Association (ODAA) Annual Sessions in late April, the subject most discussed, of course, was infection control In Oklahoma, the ODA Foundation (ODAF) has been providing all education required for dental assistants in Pit & Fissure, Coronal Polishing and Radiology.