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To conclude this section let us mention that, in spite of the fact that the Nikiforov and Uvarov method used here allows us to obtain the recurrence relations in Theorems 3.1 and 3.3 directly, in principle, Theorem 3.1 can be obtained also by combining appropriately the known Corollaries 3.7 and 3.13.
Possible corollaries: Students believe learning is incidental to getting the work done.
From inspection of corollaries 1 and 2, we see that the k's found above are 0([log(1/[epsilon] ].sup.1/2.), growing very slowly as [epsilon] decreases.
Applying Corollaries 2-4, we find the sufficient conditions for [A.sub.[alpha]] [member of] B([l.sub.p]) but do not focus on proving estimates for the norms [parallel]A[[parallel].sub.[alpha]].sub.p].
For instance, we obtain the following two corollaries if we choose [delta](t) [equivalent to] 1 and [delta](t), respectively.
Branded like cattle with the slave company's mark and held in corral-like pens, robbed of familiar social ties, and exploited for whites' profit and pleasure, black people under the grip of chattel slavery and its corollaries - white supremacy and racial bigotry - were denied "any sort of social recognition .
All the corollaries 6 - 10 can be rewritten for [alpha] = 0.
Then (i)-(ix) of Theorem 3 are equivalent to (i)-(x) of Corollaries 10 and 11, by taking X := [B.sub.E'] equipped with the restriction to X of the [weak.sup.*] topology [sigma](E', E).
From this Theorem we may immediately deduce the following three corollaries:
The result for p-valent functions follows from the corresponding results of Ma and Minda [7, Corollaries 1-4, pp.
For a = 2, 3,4 and [p - 1]/2, from the above Theorem and the definition of continued fractions we may immediately obtain the following four Corollaries.
Analogous results in the above formulation may also be stated for Corollaries 28 and 29.