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 [kor´noo] (pl. cor´nua) (L.)
cornu ammo´nis hippocampus.
cornu sacra´le either of two hook-shaped processes extending downward from the arch of the last sacral vertebra.


Plural of cornu.


an anatomical structure that resembles a horn, as on the coccyx.


(kor′nū) plural.cornua [L., horn]
Any projection like a horn. cornual (-ăl), adjective

cornu ammonis

The hippocampus major of the brain.

cornu anterius

The anterior horn of the lateral ventricle.

cornu coccygeum

One of the two upward-projecting processes that articulate with the sacrum.

cornu cutaneum

A hornlike excrescence on the skin.

cornu of the hyoid

The greater or the lesser horn of the hyoid bone.

cornu inferius

The inferior horn of the lateral ventricle of the brain.

cornu posterius

The posterior horn of the lateral ventricle.

cornu of the sacrum

The two small processes projecting inferiorly on either side of the sacral hiatus leading into the sacral canal.

cornu of the uterus

The entry point of the fallopian tube into the uterine cavity.
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diatraeae has smooth transitions from hypopharyngeal sclerites into dorsal cornua, but the ventral edges of the hypopharyngeal sclerites transitioning to the ventral cornua are interrupted by anterior edges of the ventral cornua that are almost perpendicular to the longitudinal axis then curving anteriorly into a point at antero-ventral angle.
Contraband dramatizes this problem in the contrast between Cornua and the narrator.
B-2): Dorsally lateral projections appear relatively short, but ventrally lacking, dorsal posterior margin comparatively concave, or straight, dorsal cornua ill-developed.
After uterine assessment and cervical dilation, the physician positions the applicator midline in the fundus, then moves the applicator in a continuous lateral motion across the fundus, cornua, and corpus.
The word's Anglo-Norman branch, is in turn an off-shoot of the Old French come, both horn and corner, itself a direct outgrowth of the Latin cornua, plural of the word for horn, cornu.
In interstitial pregnancy, the ovum implants in the cornua between the fallopian tube and the uterine cavity.
The first gloss here, meaning something like 'sonorous', applies to the Latin adjective as used in the phrase cornua rauca sonant et salpix classica clangit from Aldhelm's Carmen de virginitate.
After defining chaos as the state before the division of the universe into three regions, he repeats and varies the same idea by observing that the sun and the moon were not yet present: nullus adhuc mundo praebebat lumina Titan, / nec nova crescendo reparabat cornua Phoebe (10-11).
Cum autem adusque ad sacietatem potasset, aspiciens umbram suam in aqua, dixit 'O quas acceptas tibias et quam pulchram barbam et quam magna cornua habeo
Then I made a circumferential incision of the tubal serosa at the junction of the tube as it enters the cornua, taking care to not cut the device insert, which could be visualized and felt with cold shears.
Sinha (2002) used prostaglandins 6 hrs of parturition in crossbred cows and noted no significant difference with respect to reduction in diameter of cervix and uterine cornua in treatment and control group.