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 [kor´noo] (pl. cor´nua) (L.)
cornu ammo´nis hippocampus.
cornu sacra´le either of two hook-shaped processes extending downward from the arch of the last sacral vertebra.


Plural of cornu.


an anatomical structure that resembles a horn, as on the coccyx.


(kor′nū) plural.cornua [L., horn]
Any projection like a horn. cornual (-ăl), adjective

cornu ammonis

The hippocampus major of the brain.

cornu anterius

The anterior horn of the lateral ventricle.

cornu coccygeum

One of the two upward-projecting processes that articulate with the sacrum.

cornu cutaneum

A hornlike excrescence on the skin.

cornu of the hyoid

The greater or the lesser horn of the hyoid bone.

cornu inferius

The inferior horn of the lateral ventricle of the brain.

cornu posterius

The posterior horn of the lateral ventricle.

cornu of the sacrum

The two small processes projecting inferiorly on either side of the sacral hiatus leading into the sacral canal.

cornu of the uterus

The entry point of the fallopian tube into the uterine cavity.
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Dorsal and ventral cornua not as heavily sclerotized as the hypopharyngeal and mandibular sclerites.
franki dorsal cornua not very broad and with wavy dorsal and ventro-posterior edges that terminate in posterior point; C.
fumiferanae dorsal wing with rectangular protrusion on dorsal edge of dorsal cornua.
Dorsal cornua heavily sclerotized along posterior half up into dorsal bridge.
franki dorsal and ventral cornua are about the same length; L.
franki dorsal cornua with wavy dorsal and ventro-posterior edges that with posterior point; L.
franki ventral cornua truncated at posterior end; posterior end of S.
When Captain Cornua successfully leads the crew of La Buena Ventura to deliver both rum and their fugitive shipmate, Martel, to Florida and to freedom, their "Admiral" exclaims,
Thus, as Contraband concludes, readers learn the real reason that roguish, hard-edged Captain Cornua asked the Admiral for a 300-peso loan--to give the money to his faithful first mate, Martel, for beginning a new life in America (188).
After balloon ablation, there is good central destruction of the endometrium; however, viable, abundant tissue generally remains in both cornua of nearly every patient, he said.
Hypostomal sclerite (HS) as in second instar, very stout, with large central hole; lingual sclerite (LS) arched, slightly separated from the arms of hypostomal sclerite; pharyngeal sclerite (PS) with irregular black pigmentation, lacking distinct hyaline area in cornua.