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At Redjaouna station, only 7 omnipresent species are counted, they are Cornu aspersa maxima, Cornu aspersa aspersa, Theba pisana, Xerosecta cespitum, Rumina decollata, Rumina paivae and Oxychylus sp.
Cornu aspersum had a mean wave speed to crawling speed ratio of 2.
The sulfate waters are stationed in the area of the village Cornu de Sus, on the Strajictea hill, where there is improper collection.
The instrument cornu was made by cutting off the end of a hollowed-out animal horn.
En lo que concierne a la experiencia con comunidades de aprendizaje, comunidades profesionales o comunidades de indagacion (Le Cornu y Ewing, 2008; Lieberman y Miller, 2006), esta aun no forma parte sistematizada de nuestro patrimonio de practicas en formacion inicial ni continua.
Troisieme partie: Elaboration technique du droit positif, Paris; Cornu, Gerard.
This demonstrated dislocation of the symphysis between the left medial greater cornu and left body of the hyoid (figure 1).
The price of the cereals didn't change to reflect the lower cost of materials, however, the Cornu copia Institute and retailers said.
Nordez A, Foure A, Dombrowski E, Mariot J-P, Cornu C & McNair PJ (2010): Improvements to Hoang et al.
The PMU's absence from the list of contenders was confirmed yesterday, when corporate communications director Benoit Cornu revealed: "We are not in the race.
Cornu cutaneum is a lesion with hyperkeratoses resembling that of an animal horn and its length varies from a few millimeters to centimeters.