corneoscleral junction

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corneoscleral junction

the margin of the cornea overlapped by the sclera.

limbus, corneal

The transition zone, about 1.5 mm wide, between the conjunctiva and sclera on the one hand, and the cornea on the other. Syn. corneoscleral junction. See corneal epithelium; limbal blanching; Vogt's white limbal girdle.


pertaining to or emanating from the corneosclera.

corneoscleral junction
the point at which the sclera's opaque, wavy fibers join the more neatly arranged and transparent corneal fibers. Called also limbus.
corneoscleral transposition
the movement of part of the sclera to repair adjacent cornea; a keratoplasty technique.
corneoscleral trephination
formation of a drainage hole through the corneoscleral junction into the anterior chamber to allow the outflow of aqueous humor into the subconjunctival vasculature and lymphatics. Used in the treatment of glaucoma.


the place of meeting or coming together.

cell junction
specialized regions of the cell surface where adjacent eukaryotic cell membranes are joined. Functionally, there are three types: tight junctions (impermeable), gap junctions (communicating) and adhering junctions (desmosomes).
corneoscleral junction
see corneoscleral junction.
costochondral junction
the joint between the bony dorsal part of a rib and the ventral cartilaginous part.
ileocecocolic junction
the T-junction between the ileum and the large intestine; in the cat the ileum and the colon merge end to end, the cecum enters from the side; in the horse the ileocecal and the cecocolic junctions are separated from each other.
mucocutaneous junction
see mucocutaneous margin.
neuromuscular junction
see neuromuscular junction.
sclerocorneal junction
see corneoscleral junction.