Pertaining to the cornea and sclera.
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Pertaining to the cornea and sclera.
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Another prominent feature in 6 of 9 animals that died of LASV infection was mild to moderate lymphocytic inflammation around vessels in the bulbar conjunctiva and the anterior sclera, especially at the corneoscleral junction, and adjacent to the filtration angle (Figure 3, panels D, E).
Corneoscleral junctions are affected most frequently but involvement of eyelids, conjunctiva and nictitating membrane is also reported in some cases (Perino et al., 1993).
Corneoscleral buttons were excised and stored in a corneal chamber which contained Eusol-C (AlchimiA, Viale Austria, Italy) at 4 [degrees]C for 14 days.
It is a sieve-like structure and is composed of three layers, inner to outer: uveal meshwork; corneoscleral meshwork; and juxtacanalicular meshwork.
It was then possible to see a corneoscleral wound 2 cm long affecting the upper cornea 7 mm and the sclera 8 mm located from 9 to 2 o'clock positions.
The right eyes were enucleated: tissue around the eyeballs was carefully separated with sharp-headed surgical scissors, the eyeballs were taken out and cut open along the corneoscleral margin to remove contents of the anterior and posterior ocular segments.
Then, the indentation was made on the left cornea of the mice by the use of the corneal trephine with the diameter of 2 mm, and during this process, the trephine edge should not surpass the corneoscleral limbus.
Various underlying mechanisms [3] propose to explain the cause of decrease in IOP during pregnancy, namely, an increase in uveoscleral outflow as a result of hormone levels modification, a decrease in systemic vascular resistance, decrease in episcleral venous pressure, increased tissue elasticity, reduction in the aqueous humor production, and decreased corneoscleral rigidity.
Despite this, the rate of bacterial colonization of corneoscleral buttons remains around 4%.
A 2.5 mm corneoscleral incision was made at the 12 o'clock position with a phaco lance.
Limbal epithelial sheets were isolated from human corneoscleral rims after penetrating keratoplasty.
Main thick stromal nerve bundles enter the cornea at the corneoscleral limbus and make midstromal plexus and dense subepithelial plexus (SEP), by repeatedly branching.