corneal lens

cor·ne·al lens

contact lens of plastic without scleral portions.
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Each small eye, known as an ommatidium, consists of a corneal lens, a crystalline cone, and a light sensitive organ at the base.
The absence of a corneal lens on each stemma was readily apparent when non-sclerotized internal material was removed with 15% KOH.
In case anyone gets the wrong idea a cyborg is a combination of machine and living organism, which means anyone with a pacemaker, artifical joint, limb, drug implant system, implanted corneal lens or artificial skin is technically a cyborg.
Ordinarily, light passes through the corneal lens and focuses images on the rear portion of the eye, known as the retina.
a leader in the development and marketing of a surgical solution for presbyopia through the development of its Flexivue[TM] Micro-Lens--a new and innovative implanted corneal lens that eliminates the need for reading glasses.
It is essential to do this before fitting a rigid corneal lens, but is it really necessary when fitting soft contact lenses?
An apparent shift in the position of the fourth corneal lens to a more ventral position also supports this hypothesis.
Mr Pullum and the other presenters at the event demonstrated that sclerals are straightforward to fit, in many cases easier than a corneal lens.
Some corneas are so irregular or asymmetric that a corneal lens simply will not stay in the eye.