stratum corneum epidermidis

(redirected from corneal layer)

strat·um cor·ne·um ep·i·derm·i·dis

the outer layer of the epidermis, consisting of several layers of flat keratinized nonnucleated cells.

stra·tum cor·ne·um ep·i·derm·i·dis

(strā'tŭm kōr'nē-ŭm ep-i-dĕrm'i-dis)
The outermost layer of the epidermis, consisting of nonliving, nonnucleated, fully keratinized epithelial cells about to be lost by desquamation.
Synonym(s): corneal layer, horny layer.
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THE SCIENCE BIT: A higher concentration of self tanning active ingredients, which interact with the amino acids in the corneal layer of the skin to activate colouring.
It is gently lifted and laser is applied to the middle corneal layer.
However, a person whose outer corneal layer is severely damaged by heat, chemicals, or certain diseases may have no stem cells in reserve.
The history of laser eye surgery goes back to the work of Professor Barraquer of Columbia who concluded that the key to altering the refractive status of the eye was changing the curvature of the cornea by adding or removing corneal tissue while preserving corneal layers.
Ulcerative keratitis can be classified into superficial keratitis, deep corneal ulcer keratitis, descemetocele keratitis and perforation keratitis, with reference to loss of corneal layers [2].
The specific changes that occur in the different corneal layers are as follows: (12)
The TGFB1 gene contains instructions for encoding the TGFB protein, which aids the corneal layers to remain stuck together.