corneal dystrophy

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cor·ne·al dys·tro·phy

central corneal opacification, usually bilateral, symmetric, involving predominantly epithelial, stromal, or endothelial layers, often in a typical pattern; autosomal recessive inheritance.
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corneal dystrophy

One of a range of conditions in which any of the three main layers of the cornea may be affected by a disorder of growth or development. Dystrophies usually interfere with the transparency or optical efficiency of the cornea and commonly damage vision. A few are very painful but most are painless. Some dystrophies can be readily treated by CORNEAL GRAFT.
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ICE syndrome Irrigating IOL--endothelial touch PPMD solutions toxicity Toxic anterior Pseudoexfoliation Excessive use segment syndrome Hard cataract of phaco power Raised intraocular Chronic uveitis Intracameral pressure Chronic angle-closure drugs toxicity Chronic inflammation glaucoma DMD Brown McLean Trauma to corneal IOL-related syndrome endothelium factors Wound leak/shallow chamber/hypotony CHED: Congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy, FECD: Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy, ICE: Iridocorneal endothelial, PPMD: Posterior polymorphous endothelial dystrophy, IOL: Intraocular lens
Among the SCDs, Granular corneal dystrophy and Macular corneal dystrophy are more frequent as compared to other stromal dystrophies.1 A retrospective analysis was performed between November 2014 and July 2015 on all SCD patients visiting LRBT, General Hospital and Mughal Eye Hospital from Lahore during their ophthalmic consultation.
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PC-2 or Jackson-Lawler syndrome is characterized by natal or prenatal teeth (15-50%), numerous steatocystomas and various other cystic lesions (25%), hair abnormalities (9-25%), and corneal dystrophy (8%), in addition to clinical features of PC-1 but with less severe keratodermas.9
Objective: The aim was to compare the corneal topography and tomography parameters of macular corneal dystrophy (MCD) granular corneal dystrophy (GCD) and lattice corneal dystrophy (LCD) patients obtained by Scheimpflug imaging system.
Overall, our novel approach of combined EK and MICS can be performed for patients with Fuchs' corneal dystrophy and dense cataract.
This edition includes new tables; new imaging techniques like ultrasound biomicroscopy and optical coherence tomography; and new entities like familial anterior-segment dysgenesis syndrome, diffuse keratoconjunctival proliferation, and new corneal dystrophies like zipper cell endotheliopathy, Lisch dystrophy, epithelial recurrent erosion dystrophy, subepithelial mucinous corneal dystrophy, and dystrophia Helsinglandica and dystrophia Smolandiendsis.
M2 PHARMA-August 1, 2014-Haag-Streit UK to distribute Avellino Lab USA's genetic test for Granular Corneal Dystrophy in UK

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