corneal decompensation

cor·ne·al de·com·pen·sa·tion

corneal edema resulting from failure of the corneal endothelium to maintain deturgescence.
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[3] The magnitude of the cell loss is usually found to correlate with the duration of rise in IOP and combination with corneal guttata leads to corneal decompensation following cataract extraction.
b) Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors are contraindicated in the presence of corneal decompensation
Background: Endothelium allotransplantation is the primary treatment for corneal decompensation. The worldwide shortage of donor corneal tissue has led to increasing pressure to seek an alternative for surgical restoration of corneal endothelium.
Seven days after cataract surgery, CME was found in 44 (33.08%), retinal detachment in 2 (1.5%), fibrin exudation in 12 (9.02%) and corneal decompensation in 14 (10.5%) operated eyes.
She is suffering from corneal decompensation that has decreased below the threshold for normal function, so she is constrained to undergo a Descemet's Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) procedure.
Patients having diabetes mellitus, hypertension, history of previous intraocular surgery or ocular trauma, corneal or conjunctival irritation, h/o chemical trauma, uveitis, known corneal degeneration, dystrophies, opacity, high myopia > 5 D pregnant or lactating women, contact lens wearer, dry eye, and family h/o corneal decompensation were excluded.
Removal of silicon oil (ROSO) is a procedure that carries a definite risk of re detachment, cataract, glaucoma, vitreous haemorrhage, hypotony, corneal decompensation, phthisis bulbi, decrease in endothelial cell density and macular changes5,6.
In our experience, a severe corneal decompensation many years later may appear as a result of Descemet membrane detachment originated under the corneal dialysis through incisions and caused by an osmotic flow and later extended without endothelial losses.
This could be the reason for postoperative keratopathy with subsequent early and rapid corneal decompensation. In our previous study we reported about early changes of the corneal endothelium cells in some patients after SLT [9].
The IOL was removed due to corneal decompensation in 10 (60%) of the aphakic patients.

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