cornea verticillata

cor·ne·a ver·ti·cil·la·ta

congenital whorllike opacities in the cornea.
Synonym(s): Fleischer vortex
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Bruno, German ophthalmologist, 1874-1965.
Fleischer corneal ring
Fleischer lines
Fleischer ring - an incomplete ring often present at the base of the keratoconus cone.
Fleischer vortex - congenital whorl-like opacities in the cornea. Synonym(s): cornea verticillata
Fleischer-Strümpell ring - Synonym(s): Kayser-Fleischer ring
Kayser-Fleischer ring - see under Kayser
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In clinical trials of Rhopressa, the most common adverse reactions were conjunctival hyperemia, cornea verticillata, instillation site pain, and conjunctival hemorrhage.
The cornea verticillata was evaluated by ophthalmologic examination including slit lamp and the presence of angiokeratomas by dermatologists with experience in FD.
The other organic involvement (cornea verticillata 56.5%, angiokeratomas 20% and gastrointestinal involvement 14.3%) did not show differences according to age.
On the other hand, we found that women frequently suffer from neuropathic pain, cornea verticillata, hearing loss, angiokeratomas, and cardiovascular and CNS involvement.
In pediatric patients we observed mainly cornea verticillata and angiokeratomas.
This analysis has demonstrated a significant proportion of women with neuropathic pain, hearing loss, angiokeratomas, cornea verticillata, and major organic involvement such as heart, CNS, and kidney, at FD diagnosis.
A whorl-shaped corneal dystrophy is present in patients with Fabry disease named vortex keratopathy or cornea verticillata because of the whorl-shaped appearance of the cornea [1].
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Oculares: cornea verticillata que se produce una queropatia en forma de remolino debido al deposito del Gb3 en el epitelio corneal, provocando un color grisaceo-dorado del epitelio corneal inferior y lineas arborizantes que se inician por debajo de la pupila y se dirigen hacia la periferia simulando los radios de una bicicleta.
* Cornea verticillata, mas desarrollada en ojo derecho que en ojo izquierdo.